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useful-contacts-MilanItalian dialing code: 0039
Milan phone code: 02
Currency: € Euro
Time zone: GMT+1



24h – always free


112 – European Emergency Number

112 is the emergency service number, reachable from all over Europe. It works from both fixed and mobile phones.  The operators are multilingual and can handle directly your request or forward you to the most appropriate service. In Italy 112 is connected to the police corps Carabinieri.

Useful information for foreigners in Italy: the most modern mobile phones are able to address the phone call to 112 to 999 (UK) or 911 (U.S.A).

118 – Ambulance

The Italian number of the rescue services is 118. Know that in some districts of Italy it is a free service: Milan and all Lombardia are one of those: in Milan the ambulance is a free service. In case you really need to call this number, do not be afraid about any possible charge.

115 – Fire Department

The number to call the firemen rescue department in Italy is 115.

803116 – Roadside Assistance

For the roadside assistance you can contact the toll-free numbers of several private organizations. 803116 is handled by ACI Automobil Club d’Italia and is active only in Italy.


Local Police

The civil police, known as  Polizia Locale or Municipale, belongs to the town or the village. Their main task is to assist the citizens and/or tourist by providing information and support in case of need. They are also in charge of the local traffic regulations. To contact the local police of Milan call +39 02-77.271

Radio Taxi

If you need a taxi, you can contact several official companies. These the most used phone numbers: +39 02-40.40 / 02-69.69 / 02-85.85 /02-53.53


By night or during the weekend, there is always a pharmacy open. To know the schedules and the shift of the pharmacies in town you can check this portal HERE (website of all Italy!)

Foreign Consulates

If you need to contact the official representation of your country in Milan check the list HERE


Milan Urban Center

Urban Center MilanGalleria Vittorio Emanuele nr. 11/12 – Milano

Urban Center Milano‘ is located inside the gallery, at the side of Piazza della Scala. This multimedia information center on urban development projects in Milan but also in the world. The center organizes exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Free WI-fi available. Official webpage HERE.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. /  Metro: M1-M3 Duomo

Tourist Office – Spazio Piazza Castello

Spazio Piazza CastelloPiazza Castello, 1 (corner Via Beltrami) Milano

Official webpage: HERE.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-1.30pm and 2pm-6pm, Sun & festivities 9am-1.30pm and 2pm-5pm. Closed 1st Jan, 1st May, 25 Dec. / Metro: M1 Cairoli.

Tourist Office – Spazio Stazione Centrale

Milan Central Station, Departures Gallery – Platform 13/14, Milano

Official webpage: HERE.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat & Sun & festivities 9am-12.30pm. Closed 1st Jan, 1st May, 25 Dec. / Metro: M2 – M3 Centrale.


Municipality of Milan

Ufficio Oggetti Rinvenuti – Via Friuli 30, Milano

You can contact this office if you have lost or found items in one of the public transports (bus, tram, metro) or in the street. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-4pm, Phone: +39 02-

Airport Milano Linate LIN – Milano Malpensa MXP

Both airports are managed by the same company, S.E.A Handling. The Lost & Found office is inside both airports. The phone number is the same for the two +39 02-

Normally, you are supposed to call this number when you have already made a declaration of loss in the airport itself. The automatic service, in fact, asks you to type the file number of the declaration, to update you about the status of the research. BUT if you have just left the plane and discovered that something important was missed on board or at the airport itself (bar, toilet, …)  then type number 99 and you will be put in touch directly with an operator… It is not the standard procedure but – as everywhere in the world – if you are kind and polite with the operator he/she will do the best to help you.

Airport Bergamo-Orio al Serio BGY

This airport is managed by the company SACBO Spa. The office is located in the ‘arrivals area‘ and is open every day on flights. The opening hours for the return of objects is from 8 am to 10 pm. The Lost & Found telephone number is +39 035 32629.

Milan Central Station

Left Luggage Office – Piazza Duca D’Aosta 1, Milano

For objects lost and/or found in the trains you can contact the Ufficio Oggetti Smarriti is located inside the central station. Phone: +39 02-


If you forgot something inside the taxi, call immediately the radio taxi number. The same used to book the ride and tell the operator the number of the taxi. All data are written in the receipt obtained at the end of the ride!


Post Offices

Post offices have the best rates. The Central Post Office of Milan is in Piazza Cordusio (beautiful building BTW!). Other post offices providing this service are in Via Spinola 10 and in Via Moscova 30. A post office is also located in the Stazione Centrale and another one in Linate Airport.


Even if some banks are in this last year extending their schedules, the opening hours are more or less the following: Mon-Fri morning 8.30am – 1.30pm afternoon 2.30pm – 4pm.


Specialized money exchange shops are located in: the airports, Stazione Centrale, Piazza Duomo, Piazza della Scala, Via Dante.


ATM Milan public transport contact center 800.808.181

Linate Airport contact center +39 02-73.82.787

Malpensa Airport contact center +39 02-23.23.23

Orio al Serio Airport contact center +39 02-

Autostrade motorway contact center +39 02-35.201

Trenitalia national trains contact center 892.021

Trenord local trains contact center 800.500.005 everyday from 7 am to 9 pm.


Taxi Dispute

If you travel with an official cab, you should not have any issue, but in case of dispute, you have the right to get from the taxi driver a payment receipt with the following information: number of the taxi; date and time of the trip; path maintained and amount paid. Then contact the Servizio  Autopubbliche del Comune di Milano, via Messina, 53, phone +39 02-884.65292/884.65294,  fax +39 02-884.65293 (to read more check the official website of Milan HERE



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