Discover what to do in Milan!

Walking on the deck of the Duomo


Duomo observation deck

Did you know that the Cathedral of Milan is also a wonderful observation deck? Yes, you can have a walk on the top of the Duomo, right next the gold statue of the Holy Virgin, known in all Italy as La Madonnina.

Braves & fit can go up by stairs. All the rest can choose for a comfortable elevator ;-P Behind the cathedral you will find the office selling the tickets, on the right corner.

Ladies, leave your stilettos at home and wear comfortable shoes. Sneakers & co. are warmly suggested: the stones of the roof are quiet used and it can be very slippery!

Once on the top, you could find some works in progress due to restoration: it took almost 6 centuries to built it…sometimes it needs some special care, eh!

If you want to know more about the Duomo history and architecture, check the official website HERE / Metro: Duomo.

The bull of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


The bull in the Galleria

This gallery is simply fabulous: marvelous mosaics on the floor, exclusive boutiques, classy cafes. Rivers of people are crossing it everyday: for fun, for work or just to ‘be there’!


Turning around brings “luck”!

But to be honest, the funniest is the traditional turn on the bull… attributes: you have to put a foot on the “jewellery” of the bull (yep, as in the pic here), turn 1 time and make a wish… some people say the luck comes if you to turn 3 times, you choose! I do not know if any wish it turns into reality: I just know people have a lot of fun & laughs.

When you will be there you will probably find a deep hole right “there”: this tradition is so popular that the stones are getting fast consumed and the mosaic has to be replaced quiet often… poor beast ;-D

/ Metro: Duomo.

The illusory perspective of Santa Maria presso San Satiro


Amazing optical illusion!

Enter this small church and see a dome that does not exist, is a unique experience!

Walk slowly close to the wall and you will discover how the perspective creates this amazing illusion.

This work is a Renaissance gem designed by Bramante one of the most important Italian architects.

In via Speronari, just a few meters from the Duomo / Metro: Duomo.

Experience the cat walk in the ‘Quadrilatero della Moda’

The first time you come to Milan, you cannot avoid to have a tour in the area with the most expensive boutiques of the world!


Shopping deluxe in Milan!

Even if you do not like shopping, you will be impressed by the atmosphere and the people running around…

As when togheter with some friends we saw a huge white hummer-limousine with an “exotic” number plate parked in front of one shop, definitely transported by a private jet to Milan!  :-O

The tour can start from the biggest and most famous street Via MonteNapoleone.

/ Metro: San Babila OR Montenapoleone.

A 360° view of the city from ‘Torre Branca’

Torre BrancaMarvelous view of the city from the panoramic elevator located in the Parco Sempione.

This tower made of steel pipes was designed by Giò Ponti in 1933 and has been restored in the 70’s. It is 108,6 mt high and will give you a 360° view of the city from its observation deck in steel and glass (very thick!).

The elevator carries about 6 people –guardian included- the ticket is 4 euro. The opening period is spring & summer. The service is suspended only in case of bad weather or strong wind, just as security measure. If you need to know more, check the official brochure HERE.

When the sky is clear – besides the Duomo, the park, the Castle, the Stadium and other buildings in town – you can see also the radar of Linate Airport, the Apennines, the Alps and even the big lakes… As I’ve been told by the previous guardian -many years ago- when I saw a silver shadow shining on the horizon. / Metro: Cadorna.

 Take a picture next to ‘Leonardo’s Horse’


Leonardo’s Horse

With its 7 mt high, this is the biggest horse statue in bronze of the world!!!

The realization of ‘Il Cavallo di Leonardo‘ is an amazing history: from Leonardo project till his realization, thanks to a US pilot of World War II and his Foundation which after completing the construction of the horse, donated it to the city of Milan! You can read all about it in the building right behind the horse.

You can stand very close to this impressive horse and do not forget to take an amazing pic next to it!

To enter in the area where is located is free of charge.

Location: the Hippodrome (near San Siro Football Stadium) / Metro: M1 Lotto

Be astonished by Milan Stock Exchange

Borsa di Milano

Yes, you see good: this almost 5 mt high marble hand is exactly what it seems. To watch L.O.V.E. by Cattelan “live” is definitely priceless!

The ‘Dito‘ (‘finger’ as people here are used to call it)  is a temporary installation standing in front of the Italian Stock Exchange building since 2010. The artist is willing to give his work to the city of Milan, provided that it is not removed from its current location. Let’s wait for the final decision of the Municipality…

This sculpture is supposed to represent ‘the fascist salute as paradigmatic gesture of horrors and errors of last century’. Obviously, whoever sees the ‘Dito‘ in this square, associates it with the recent international stock market crack. Definitely it is an irreverence to the symbol of fascism and the world of finance but I like to consider it as a reminder to responsibility … let’s hope it works! / Location: Piazza degli Affari.

Getting real creeps by the ossario della chiesa di S. Bernardino

The Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa is a medieval church whose originality is in its unique ossuary Chapel. It is a small square room, surrounded by a series of votive offerings… Along the walls you will see human bones, probably belonged to the people dead in the former Hospital of St. Barnabas in Brolo. While the skulls closed in boxes, on the outside, belonged to sentenced to death. The entrance is free. Location: via Carlo Giuseppe Merlo, 4.

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