Food (& drink) in Milan!



Milan Happy Hour

Aperitivo with buffet!

The’ aperitivo‘ in Milan is know in town as Happy Hour, a special experience to try and a good way the eat -almost- for free!

Basically, you pay a fix price for any drink in the menu (beer, cocktail, soft drink or just water…)  and you have unlimited access to the buffet!!!

This system was created by some bars of the Naviglio area, as a way to attract more customers during dinner hours. Soon the competition between pubs led to enrich the supply of food, both in quantity and in quality.

Today the food offer of some places can be compared to a real restaurant catering. It is very popular and always crowded!

Just one thing: if you are not interested in the food, ask in advance if it is possible to get & pay just your drink. Some places do not do so, as otherwise it would be complicate to follow the customers who eat and the ones who do not eat.

From 6pm till 9pm, price between 8 and 10 euro / Suggested areas: Navigli, Brera, Corso Garibaldi…



A drink at the Colonne di San Lorenzo

In this square of Milan you feel like being… in Rome!

This place is surrounded by: authentic Roman columns, the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore and -in the middle- the statue of the Emperor Constantine

A beautiful ancient site that became a youth hangout! In the warm summer evenings (but not only then) the atmosphere is really unique: people love to come here to have a chat with their friends, drink a beer an sometimes listen to some musicians performing in the square. A place to be if you like to be in an open space & meet new people! / Location: Corso di Porta Ticinese

Tips & Useful Info’s

Italian Coffee

Italian EspressoThe real Italian Espresso is served in a small cup and has a strong taste… sorry, but anything else is not an Espresso!

What not everybody knows is that Italian Espresso contains much less caffeine than filtered coffee. The reason is simple: the longer the hot water remains in contact with the coffee, the more it extracts caffeine.  The high pressure of the ‘espresso machine’ filters the water very fast, so just the aroma is intense.

Anyway, if for you it remains too strong, ask for a Caffè Americano and you will get an Italian Espresso in a bigger cup with some extra hot water. Price remains the same: about 1 euro at the bar. It costs more if you want to sit at the table. It can cost too much if you sit in a fancy cafe in the city center.. check the price in advance, if you do not want to pay 10 times it’s price!Caffè Shakerato!

In the hot Italian summer, as an alternative, you can taste the delicious Caffe Shakerato which is a combination of simple delicious ingredients: Italian Espresso, ice, liquid sugar (if you do not want it ask for ‘amaro‘). Some places serve it also with some cacao or cinnamon powder on the top… It’s cold, it’s tasty, it’s perfect to get a boost of energy! Price is about 2 euro, more or less… well, depends where you order it!

Children & Restaurants

If you plan a journey with your family, know that your children are always welcome in every Italian restaurant.

The “bambini” here are treated as little kings / queens:

  • Most of the restaurants are equipped with special chairs for babies, in case they do not have them, the staff will do the best to provide you the best solution.
  • If you inform to the waiter that your children are very hungry, they will be served faster than usual, just ask!
  • If some ingredients are not good for your children, ask if they can be changed and, if possible, the cook will modify the recipe for them.

So, do not avoid to go to restaurants because you think your children will disturb or annoy…. they cannot bother more than the noisy customers at the side!

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