Milan Free Internet!

° Municipality of Milan provides in many areas of the city free internet connection! The official website, in Italian and English HERE.

Italian mobile number can register directly via website.

– Foreign mobile number can register and get the password via ‘ATM Point’, the information desks belonging to the public transport network. You only have to show your ID or passport. They are located in the metro station of: Duomo M1-M3, Centrale M2-M3, Cadorna M1-M2, Garibaldi M2, Loreto M1-M2, Romolo M2.

° Linate and Malpensa Airports: wi-fi connection is free for the first 15 minutes (I know… but nothing is worse!) If you need more time you can purchase it HERE

° Shops&Cafès: some bars and restaurants provide free internet connection… not so many yet as compared to other countries worldwide… but it is really improving!


transport & strike


Indeed to strike is a right. But it is also an inconvenience, especially if it concerns the public transport during your stay. Know that a minimum service is always active in the big cities of Italy, each of them with a different scheduled time. Because also the ones who use public transportation to go to work, have the right to reach their job place.

In Milan the public transport is always guaranteed during the so called “fasce orarie protette”, protected time zone:

° ATM the urban service – bus, tram and subway – works from the start of service until 8:45 am and from 3 pm  to 6 pm.

° TRENORD a minimum service on regional train lines is also guaranteed, only during weekdays, from 6 am to 9 am and from 6 pm to 9 pm. All trains departing before 9 am and 9 pm arrive at destination. Anyway, repercussions are always possible, before and after the strike, so, you should pay attention to indications present in the stations. (all infos HERE)


I know what you think about Italians driving their cars… but probably you do not understand their habit about honking! People here have a ‘passionate’ way of communication and use it to express their feeling in many situations. The use of the car horn is one of those! But honking is not necessarily intended to offend you, most of the times is a way to express a temporary emotion.  A ‘short honk’, for example, it’s just a warning: when the traffic light turns into green and you are enjoying the panorama, probably the car behind you wants to advise you that is time to go… just this!


electricity system


The voltage used in Italy correspond to 220-240V/50Hz.Plugs and sockets are also different from other standards. So, if you come from the UK, Japan, USA or any other beautiful country with a different electricity system, take with you the right adapter for your devices!

For extra infos have a look to this very interesting Belgian website (in English – Spanish – Dutch – French)


smoking free


Since January 2005, Italy has banned smoking in indoor public places. The law allows smoking only in special ‘smoking rooms‘. The rules to set these rooms are very rigid and they require many adaptations and as to equip them is very expensive,  there are just a few. Despite all stereotypes about Italians, that law has been immediately respected by everybody ;-P

So, if you smoke, just follow the locals: go out and then (maybe with some new friends) come back in!


Special Sundays without cars & motorbikes. To fight the smog in town the traffic of cars and motorcycles is suspended during sporting events, cultural and environmental awareness. Exceptions: electric cars, bicycles, cars for disabled transport, car sharing, all kind of emergency vehicles and taxis. All infos in the official webpage of the municipality of Milan HERE.

8 dates in 2013:


Sundays without  cars

17 Mar: Spring Festival
7 Apr: Milano City Marathon
12 May: World day of Cycling
9 Jun: Schools and Children Sunday
14 Jul: Street artist Sunday
8 Sept: European week of sustainable mobility
13 Oct: National day of walking
17 Nov: start up of the week ‘ Born to walk ‘


all about Italian Police Corps!

Do you come from a country with just one single police department? Do you wonder how many (and why…) different corps there are in Italy?  Here you find the list of them… and some explanation! ;-D

  • Polizia Locale (or Municipale): is the civil police belonging to the town or the village. Their main task is to assist the citizens and/or tourist by providing information and support in case of need. They are also in charge of the local traffic regulations. To contact the local police of Milano call the (0039) 02 77.271.
  • Polizia di Stato: is the ‘state police’, their members are civilians and their uniform is light blue. The state police respond to the Ministry of Interior Affairs. It prevent or intervenes in situations such as theft, robbery or assault. Free national number 113.
  • Carabinieri: is the oldest Italian corps created in the past to defend the king (yes, there was…). They are today a military corps wearing a black uniform with a red stripe at the side. They act under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. The ‘carabinieri’ intervene to safeguard the public order. Free national (and also European) number 112.
  • Guardia di Finanza: is the financial police. They are civilians and wear a dark grey uniform. The ‘Guardia di Finanza’ fights against all the financial crimes and also the drugs traffic. Together with the ‘Polizia di Stato’, they protect the national borders. They are under the authority of the Ministry of Economic and Finance. To contact them call the free national number 117.
  • Corpo Forestale: is the state police force safeguarding the environment and the landscape. They are civilians and wear a light grey uniform and belong to the Ministry of Agricultural, Forest & Food Policies. They also intervene in case of mountain rescue or natural disasters. National toll free number 1515.
  • Guardia Costiera: is a branch of the Italian Navy protecting the coast & in charge for the sea rescue. It belongs mainly to the Ministry of Infrastructure and transport. To contact in case of emergency in Italian waters. National toll free number 1530.

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