Linate – Malpensa – Orio al Serio



  • Airport code: LIN
  • Address: Viale Forlanini, 20090 Segrate, Milano ‎
  • Distance from Milan: about 9 km


Linate is the city airport of Milan as it is very close to the city center. Before the implementation of Malpensa airport, Linate was used to be an important international airport. Nowadays it is mainly used for short and medium flight connections, domestic  and internationals. Recently, Linate hosts also low cost airlines.

The connection to Milan is well organized and for a very good fare:

  • CITY BUS n.73  – n.x73  in less than 30 min this bus will drop you right behind the Duomo, a few meters from the metro station San Babila (red line). Only 1 intermediate stop in Piazza Tricolore. You can easily find this bus just outside the ‘arrivals’ area of the airport. The ticket to use is just a normal one and it costs only 1,50 euro. You can purchase it directly on the bus (only possible on this bus) or by using the automatic ticket machines outside the airport. After validation you can use it for 90 min on bus/trams in town + 1 trip in the metro (to know more go to “move”).
  • COACH TO STAZIONE CENTRALE  this bus connects the airport of Linate to Milan’s Central Station in about 25 min. The departure is every 20 min an it costs only 5 euro.
  • TAXI a taxi to Milan city center will cost you about 25 euro.  In Italy official cab are white and it is clearly indicated ‘taxi’ on the top of the car. You find them in the area in front of the airport. Most of the have the POS to pay by card (anyway, it is always better to have some cash).



  • Airport code: MXP
  • Address: Aeroporto Malpensa, 21010 Ferno, Varese
  • Distance from Milan: about 50km

Despite this airport is not in the area of Milan but in the of Varese, Malpensa is considered as the main airport of Milan. Since 2000 it has 2 terminals. The terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus running every 10/15 min:


Airport of Malpensa

Terminal 1: is the “new” terminal for domestic, international and intercontinental flights.

Terminal 2: is the “old” terminal for charter flights and low cost EasyJet.

Cargo: is located in the ‘terminal 2’  area (… just in case you have to transport or send something big!)

To reach Milan you have several possibilites:

  • BUS TO STAZIONE CENTRALE = 7,50 euro There are a couple of bus companies that start the journey
  • TRAIN TO STAZIONE CADORNA = 11 euro The ‘Malpensa Express‘ starts in Terminal 1, it takes 40min to get to Cadorna station (metro line1 red + metro line 2 green).
  • TRAIN TO STAZIONE CENTRALE = 7 euro New rail service from Trenitalia ‘Freccia Rossa‘ connects the Terminal 1 to the central station.
  • TAXI  to take a white taxi from both terminals will cost you 90 euro. This is the fix fare to any destination in town (to know more go to “move”).



  • Airport code: BGY
  • Address: Via Aeroporto, 13, 24050 Orio Al Serio, Bergamo ‎
  • Distance from Milan: about 50km

Airport of Orio al Serio

Orio al Serio airport is located a few kilometers form the beautiful city of Bergamo but it is considered as the 3rd airport of Milan area.

This airport is small but very well served. Domestic and international flights + low cost Ryanair.

Orio al Serio is well connected by buses & coaches to Milan: Stazione Centrale, Stazione Lambrate, Fiera Milano Rho-Pero and even to the 2 terminals of Malpensa Airport. Check the different companies & fares HERE

Easy Tip! The airport is connected to a very big shopping mall, always open. It is not unusual that some people take a morning flight to Orio al Serio Airport just to shop and leave with the evening connection!!! Check the Oriocenter official website HERE



Flight Mapper to find your flight HERE

Seat Guru to discover the location of the seat of any airlines in advance HERE



highways – tunnels



Italian motor way is not for free. The complete network provides many areas and services and the road is very well maintained. To enter you pass through a gate, there you get a ticket that you have to give back at the exit gate: you pay the kilometers (miles) you actually used.

Easy Tip! in summer time there are enormous queues to pay, as most of the foreign car stand in the lines to pay ‘cash’. If you want to avoid it, do not hesitate to use the lines ‘cards’: it means you can pay with your credit/debt card! The one that you should not use are just the ones indicated as ‘Telepass’: this is a service of electronic payment for registered cars.



from Swiss, passing the Gottard Tunnel, 17 km. The tunnel is free of charge (except the una tantum tax to pay to the swiss authorities, valid for the year). During holidays period check the trafic news, some saturdays&sundays you can queue for … too much!

EasyTip! in summer time you can skip the tunnel and choose to enjoy the way to the mountain itself: Passo del San Gottardo, where you ca also stop for a walk in the nature and eat something.




international -local – train stations



French Railway – Rail Europe SNCF Connection MilanParis via TGV (high speed train). The link to the official website HERE.

German Railway – DB BAHN Connections to Milan from all Europe through its vast railway network.  To discover your route check the official website, available in more than 10 languages: HERE

Swiss RailwaySBB CFF SSF Connections to Milan from: Zurich, Basel, Bern and Geneva. Duration f the trip between 3 and 4 hours. Timetable & infos in the official website, available in German, French, Italian and English: HERE



Italian Railway – TRENITALIA Italian railway network. Discover the international connections in the official website, available in Italian and English  HERE

Lombardy Railway- TRENORD This new company is active from May 2011 (from Trenitalia and Le nord). It manages the railway lines in all Lombardy. Website available only in Italian HERE



Stazione Centrale The central station of Milan is the second biggest train station of the country. Local, national and international connections. Totally renewed in 2010 in total respect of its wonderful architectural structure. Nowadays is one of the biggest shopping center in town, an aspect that can represent an inconvenience if you are in hurry: there is no direct access to the platforms! Official website HERE / Metro 2 (green) and metro 3 (yellow).

Stazione Garibaldi Local, national and international connections. Second biggest station of Milan, completely restyled in 2006. It is located in the area of Garibaldi-Repubblica / Metro 2 (green).


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