A ‘cascina’ is the typical farmhouse of the Milanese countryside. Just outside the Italian capital of finance and design, you can admire a piece of the old way of living of the region.

Historically, these farms were similar to small villages: in addition to the homes for farmers there often was a church, a cemetery and a tavern too. Nowadays they have lost their social role but remain as heritage of the old country culture.

The most interesting aspect of the ‘cascina’ is that many of these farms offer activities and services able to attract more and more visitors! In a cascina you can:

  • cascina-aoutside-Milan

    A cascina outside Milan

    buy typical products: such as eggs, milk, cheese, poultry, rice, wine, vegetables, salamis and so on…

  • eat: some farms have their own restaurant were you can eat what they produce!
  • learn: the ‘cascina didattica‘ is the perfect location to let your children discover the cycle of food, plant and animal life and the respect for the environment and nature! For a list check HERE.


Parco Agricolo Sud Milano


Agricultural park route

The south agricultural park of Milan is a protected area between the territories of Varese, Milan and Pavia. In this park you can find different routes, perfect to discover in spring/summer or even autumn. By following those paths you can meet the ‘cascine del riso’, the rice farms. Click on this map at the side to have a first look!

To know more have a look to the official web site HERE.  you can enjoy the south-west area of Milan with the bicycle!


Rice plantations

Rice plantation in Milan!

Maybe not everybody knows it… but if in Italy you can taste the delicious ‘risotto‘ is because in the north of Italy there is a very important production of excellent rice!

The province of Lombardy is the area where is produced almost the half of the national total, mainly in the area around the city of Pavia and Milan, the south-west countryside, to be more precise ;-) The fields are traversed by a complex system of channels which allows the crop irrigation and part of that water comes from the Navigli!!!

In May the ground is prepared and filled with water. If you look outside your window while flying to Milan, you will enjoy the view of those cultivations looking like open air swimming pools!



Many historical and ancient abbeys surround the city of Milan. Discover in detail events, itineraries and much more in the official website HERE.



Certosa di Pavia

40 km south from Milan. Real name Gratiarum Carthusia. Poetic and enchanted monastery dated 1396! Italian national monument since 1886.


Crespi D’Adda

40 km north/east from Milan. In this little community in the north area of Milan you will find a small workers village of the late ‘800, created as ideal city of work by the owner of the factory for its employees and their families. UNESCO world heritage! Multilingual webiste HERE.



40 km west from Milan. where the Naviglio Grande starts, believe it or not, there are surfers training in summer time!!!



Monza 20 km from Milan.

Pavia 40 km from Milan.

Como 50 km from Milan. Direct train from Stazione Cadorna to Como Lago (a few meters from the lake!)

Bergamo 50 km from Milan.

Torino 150 km from Milan.

Genova 150 km from Milan.

Verona 160 km from Milan.

Aosta 190 km from Milan.



Lago di Como

Como lake is one of the charming places you can find close to Milan! Famous actors, singers and various international VIP & rich people have a ‘villa‘ along the coast of this beautiful lake.

Official website, available in Italian and English HERE


Lago di Garda

One of the most romantic location of the world. Gardens, ancient villas and a breathless landscape where the view is lost between the green hills and the blue waters of the lake …hmm! For gourmets: the local production of fine olive oil and excellent wine will add a new flavor to dishes that you can enjoy.

Official tourism website, available in Italian, English, German HERE


Lago Maggiore

The second largest lake of Italy is only 100km away from Milan!

Official tourism portal, available in Italian, English, French, German and Russian HERE



Breuil-Cervinia 190 km from Milan. Ski area.

Pila 210 km from Milan. Very easy to reach thanks to the lift right in the city of Aosta!

Courmayeur 220 km from Milan. They say is the sunny ski area of the Mont Blanc! Ski in winter but also trekking, rafting and much more in summer time. More info HERE.

Livigno 240 km from Milan. Other ski locations in the Valtellina area: Aprica, Bormio, Madesimo, Passo Stelvio, Santa Caterina, Teglio, Valgerola, Valmalenco. The portal HERE.

Dolomiti 320 km from Milan.  Since 2009 the Dolomites are part of the UNESCO world heritage sites! More than 2300 km of ski piste! Most famous locations: Madonna di Campiglio, Cortina d’Ampezzo… To know more about the winter and the summer activities have a look HERE.



Gran Paradiso National Park 215 km from Milan.

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